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Alex Tyson

Weight loss is the number two reason mums and dads are choosing iHealth Sauna. Although weight loss is something that we do not openly admit to desiring, 63% of the Australian population are overweight. Deep down it is something that most of us would like to achieve. If you would like to learn more about the factors that may lead to weight gain or loss click here.

As we all know, there is no silver bullet to weight loss, or anything in health for that matter. The infrared sauna is no different. If you continue to feed on junk, not exercise, have poor sleeping habits, don’t get enough sunshine and live in a world that doesn’t inspire you, no amount of infrared sauna sessions are going to help you lose weight or improve your health. BUT, there are a lot of benefits to using infrared sauna regularly which can lead weight loss. For me, the real benefit of infrared sauna comes as sauna provides a foundation for which people begin to change their lifestyle habits, the sauna being the precursor to such changes.

Below is a sauna session I recommend to clients as part of our Live Again Experience to help assimilate that cellulite, beat those bat wings and free the fat.


A true sauna session begins long before we jump in the sauna.

This session is best enjoyed first thing in the morning. Once you wake, set an intention for your morning sauna session. “I feel energised and am ridding my body of unnecessary weight. I love my body”.

Go straight to the tap and drink 500ml of water. 1L is even better.

Before you leave the house, make sure you turn your sauna on and set it for 5 degrees hotter than you normally use the sauna, just like pre-heating an oven. For me, this means 60 degrees.

Head outside for a brisk walk, a jog or practice some yoga. The key here is to move for 20 – 30 minutes ensuring that you break a light sweat at least under your armpits.

This get’s the body working prior to the sauna, meaning we can work the body a little harder once we hop in the sauna and not shock the body as much with such a drastic change in temperature.

Note: It’s also a good idea to have all of your water and anything else you need for the sauna session ready so once you get back after your movement/exercises, you can jump straight into the sauna without the body cooling whilst you fluff about with water and towels etc.

Note: Do not eat anything prior to the sauna. We’ll get to this later.


You should already have a light sweat once you hop in the sauna. Once in, the next 20 minutes are up to you! One of the important points here is to ensure you are in tune with your body. If it is too hot or for the last 5 minutes and you can’t handle anymore, push yourself a little, however do not overdo it.

This sauna session is about working the body a harder than normal which will help us burn more calories and assimilate some of our fat stores. This sauna session is not about being a hero to tell your mates how hot you had it.

Add some grapefruit essential oil to the essential oil tray or rub a high quality peppermint essential oil on your chest (Peppermint is a more stimulating oil; however is my personal preference during this session).

Practice some deep breathing during the session to maximise oxygen flow throughout the body. Breathe in through the nose for 5 counts, hold for 5 counts, out through the mouth for 5 counts and repeat for 1 minute. Do this especially if you are feeling short of breath. Breathing deeply will also keep you calm and make you feel awake and alive!

Target any specific areas such as back of the legs or around the waist with the moveable heaters to improve circulation in these areas. Get creative with how you use the moveable heaters.

Jump out of the sauna and straight into a COLD shower. Count to 60 seconds before you hop out. Don’t add hot water at the end. This process of hot to cold stress on the body creates thermogenesis in our brown fat stores which may help in the assimilation of fat.


You have a few options: Dandelion Root tea although not very tasty has diuretic properties, along with other amazing healing benefits. Peppermint tea is more energising and leaves you feeling clear and fresh after the session. Enjoy either tea warm or cold brew overnight and enjoy cool.

If tea isn’t your thing, try drinking the juice of two lemons with some water. Adding salt to water afterwards also introduces natural electrolytes back into the body. I wouldn’t suggest lemon and salt together though unless you’re game.

To really maximise your session, enjoy a cold pressed juice afterward. Celery, apple, lemon and ginger are a simple recipe that will give you energy and promote detox and weight loss. If you don’t have a juicer perhaps try as a smoothie using a nutri-bullet, just add coconut water.

By this time you may be hungry. To really help maximise this sauna session, consider delaying your first meal for as long as possible. This is called ‘intermittent fasting’ and we talk more about this here.

The simple fact is, if you want to lose weight, stop eating. Breakfast is the easiest meal to skip or at least switch to a healthier option (switching out toast for a few bananas).

All the above post-sauna options provide a good base for your bodies morning detox and can lead to weight loss when repeated daily. One day a week isn’t enough.

Live Again

Our Live Again Experience comes as part of purchasing and owning an iHealth Sauna. We work with out clients personally, providing tailored sauna recommendations for their sauna goals. This is where we can get really specific with YOU to ensure you extract the most from your sauna ownership. If you want to lose weight, let us know and we will ensure this is incorporated as part of our recommendations.

Interested in integrated an iHealth Sauna into you life? Find out pricing below.

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