Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) & Infrared Sauna May 31, 2021


Alex Tyson

If you’re researching sauna, you have probably read about EMF, EMR, ELF EMF or any other myriad of bamboozling acronyms. I have written this article and created a video to help you get clear on what it all means. If you’re just after the EMF ratings of our saunas and don’t want to learn some fundamental knowledge, scroll down.

In this article and video cover:

  • The physics and science of electromagnetic fields (EMF)
  • Electromagnetic radiation (EMR),
  • Provide context for those of you who are confused about EMF
  • Measure the EMF of daily household items such as a smart watch and hybrid car
  • Measure the Low EMF in our iHealth Sauna
  • Discuss any possible health implications associated with EMF

The goal of this blog is to make EMF simple for you to understand, so you can make an informed decision not just about sauna, but about any new electronic devices or components you bring into your life. Watch the video and read more below.

Watch The Video To Learn About EMF

Please note this video and article were created before we changed our company name from iHealth Saunas to Found—Space.

EMF in our lives

EMF is a part of everything we do. Whether it is EMF or the EMR that EMF creates, we live in a digital world and digital economy. Digital devices are a part of our life whether we like it or not.

Most of us use electronic devices on a day to day basis and it’s important to know and understand the possible health implications that these devices have on us. Remember, we didn’t evolve to be working in close proximity to these electronic devices.

I think we have all read about various cases where people have developed health implications and issues such as cancer and tumor growth that are possibly related to EMF and EMR. This relates to time spent on the phone, phones in back pocket, being connected to bluetooth devices placed on our heads etc

EMF Physics & Science

I studied mechanical Engineering and therefore have endured a few classes on electrical engineering.

What we need to understand is that an EMF is created whenever there is an electron moving. Electricity is electrons moving through a cable. Example you flick a light on at the switch, electrons travel up the cable, literally bumping into one another until the first electron moves through the light itself then we have light. It’s a little more complicated than that but that is the basics. This all happens very quickly. When an electron moves, an EMF is then created. The EMF moves in a clockwise direction to the direction around the direction the electron is travelling.

Electrons move in a clockwise direction around the direction of the electron

This is the case in anything that is powered. It isn’t just related to sauna. It’s a part of a phone, a smart watch, a hybrid car, heated mattress – the lights in your ceiling, the power lines. EMF is everywhere. It is important to understand that.

Electro-magnetic Radiation (EMR) is where the EMF causes a thermogenic effect in what it is passing through. In simple terms, the EMF heats up your body. This where using a phone for more than 15 minutes has been shown to increase head temperature (INSERT PHOTO). That is EMR impacting the cells and having a measurable increase in temperature in the affected area. This is not good.

One way I deal with spending lots of time on the phone is always ensuring I use wired headphones to make my calls so the phone and it’s transmitters are not near my head.

An important item to note is that EMF exposure is related to your proximity to the item that is creating the EMF. The EMF exposure of a phone is much greater at a distance of 2cm from the device compared with 20cm, where there is no measurable EMF.

The type of EMF and EMR that we need to pay close attention to is the high energy stuff.; Wifi, microwaves – telecommunications. There is big backlash in northern Australia regarding the rolling out of 5G network as the 5G network is very potent and the thermogenic effects on the body and the cells have been show to be concerning. The important thing to understand is that in an ideal world we would live off grid, in a pristine environment with no technology – go back to how we used to live when we were all happier, fitter and more in tune with nature. However in the real world we come into contact with these devices every day, and what is important is limiting the amount of time we are in close proximity to these devices. Problems start to occur in the body when we spend a long duration nearby to these EMR causing devices.

Try and refrain from spending a long time nearby to these pieces of equipment

A classic case was Red Simon’s son who developed a brain tumour – turns out he was sleeping with his head closest to the wall where the power box was installed for the house. He was spending 8 hours a day, every night sleeping next to high energy EMF. It is this long exposure that begins causing issues. Sleeping with your phone under your head; sleeping near power points. I go out of my way to eliminate the number of electronic devices near my bed. There are companies that specialise in minimising the EMF throughout a home, companies like Geovital. It’s when we are in constant contact with EMF and EMR that they become factor that needs to be considered.

Also consider Bluetooth too. Bluetooth headsets are constantly transmitting data and also cause thermogenic effects on the head. Think of how the information goes from your phone to the device. It’s using some sort of micro-wave, some sort of connectivity to transfer the audio data to and from the earpiece. Steer clear of these devices for long periods of time.

Studies have shown that exposure to cells phones for extended periods of time actually hinders cell and DNA function and reduces the cell’s ability to detox heavy metals. Children are specifically susceptible with EMF and EMR as children absorb a greater amount of microwave radiation than adults. In other words, the thermogenic effects are greater and wreak more havoc.

Please, reduce the amount of time your children spend on devices.

EMF Measurements

EMf was discovered by James Clerk Maxwell, whose discovery was based on foundational knowledge developed by Joahn Gauss. Hence, EMF is most commonly measured in Gauss or milligauss (mG)

Let’s look at a few regularly used items:

Smart watch

Hybrid car

Bluetooth Headphones

Found—Space Sauna

Guidelines and Legislation

The US environmental protection agency recommends limiting your exposure to 0.5mg – 2.5 mg. They go on to explain that from 3 feet, a microwave can expose you up to 25mG. This is actually a good recommendation.

The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) suggest that the scientific evidence does not establish that exposure to the electric and magnetic fields around the home cause health effects. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Unfortunately when it comes to EMF, the guidelines are very loose. As with most areas related to health, the government is at the disposal of the business’ who are fit to make money from this stuff. Do Telstra or Vodafone want the rollout of 5G – a product that will be a powerful selling tool- to be slowed down in being rolled out? Absolutely not. It’s these big companies that have an impact on the legislation, guidelines and recommendations from government bodies. Just because there is legislation advising how much we can be exposed to does not mean it is correct

Wrap Up

Whether it is 3mG or 50mG, understand that short exposure to EMF, although not ideal, does not put you at higher risk of long term health effects. Also remember we are exposed to high levels of EMF everyday. It is the hours spent sitting under power lines in our home or on the phone that begin causing negative effects.

It’s also important to note the positive impacts technology has on our life too. Using technology makes us more efficient, connects us with others that without technology would not be possible, allows us to organised our life, learn things, be creative.

Through using our saunas and working with us, our clients are able to reduce their pain, lose some weight and sleep better. These positive effects are immeasurable on people’s lives. It saddens me to think some people miss out on an opportunity to use a life changing product because of a fear of exposure to low amounts of EMF for a short period of time. In the real world, we are exposed to hundreds more deadly toxins, heavy metals and carcinogens daily than we are EMF, and so it’s just as important to make avoiding those substances a priority, as it is to reduce EMF in your life if truly necessary. Like all aspects of health, it is important to be educated so you can make better decisions.

I hope this blog was helpful and you now have a deeper understanding of what EMF is and the potential implications associated with EMF.

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